View Full Version : FCS N/W Convoy

07-04-2005, 18:21
We are meeting at Lymm on this side aren't we Gaz??? Just asking cos I've suggested to the scottish convoy on cs that we can meet up with them and run down together. Suggest meeting at 5.45 so we can get away for 6???

07-04-2005, 19:36
Yes mate will be meeting @ Lymm services however I'm not sure on times, don't know what time northy is getting there....I'll leave it upto u Navigator.... :wink:

07-04-2005, 19:50
Thought Northy was setting a convoy up from yorkshire side and meeting us there?? Or has this changed?

08-04-2005, 10:19
Me and Irish Nut were thinking of going via the Peaks! :twisted:

If I don't go to the 'pod on sat that is.

08-04-2005, 10:24
Spoke to Northy and he wants us there for 7am so we can get set up, so I'll let u plan the route...if poss we could do with meeting them @ a service station before hand if poss.