View Full Version : new parts for widetrack.....

jay s
28-04-2006, 22:19
i need to know what new parts i could get for the widetrack before i get it fitted, ive got a new set of fk konigsport coilovers coming so that is shocks sorted, im going to use the williams subframe, driveshafts and antiroll bar. going to get a new set of wishbones ( need a price for the pair please ) but need to know what else i could change that would'nt cost the earth??
thanks for any help.

28-04-2006, 22:33
GSF do the wishbones for £24.50+vat each

if u wanted to change both the track rod ends and tie rods, euro car parts do them and its about £50-60 for the full set both sides(williams aswell)

if u havent already id get 4 new arb bushes too, looking around £20+vat for all 4 from renault(iirc)

only other thing is new top mounts etc really asu have mentioned prettymuch everything

jay s
28-04-2006, 23:02
thanks for that mate, i'll take a trip down gsf tomorrow then.