View Full Version : oil dail problem

26-04-2006, 23:31
my quantity dial has been a bit funny for a while....i know this as i frequently check the dipstick and the amount is fine but on startup its reading half the amount.....anyone know how to sort this....

i thought it may be a sensor?

any ideas

cheers neil

27-04-2006, 13:04
think urself lucky, none of mine have ever worked :cry:

27-04-2006, 13:56
My oil pressure indicator started to misbehave, i just disconected the sensor and cleaned it with some contact spray. Might just be that.

28-04-2006, 17:38
cheers dalla..will look into that

29-04-2006, 12:33
The min and max on the dial indiocate the two notches towards the bottom of the dipstick and anywhere between the two notches is fine really

30-04-2006, 16:20
didn't know that rich...would prefer it to be near the top...may have to top it up me thinks if thats the case

30-04-2006, 16:23
my dial is unreliable. sometimes its acurate but other times, it says its near full but is really nearly n minimum

30-04-2006, 16:55
:shock: oh shit........ i always rely on my dial im probably running low when it says its nearly full. bettre check now!

30-04-2006, 18:01
rely on a gimiky extra that a french car manufacturer stuck in a town runabout 13 odd years ago?!!:lol: ur mmmmmmaaaaadddd i tell ya! :wink: