View Full Version : oil dials problem

25-04-2006, 19:20
my quantity dial has been a bit funny for a while....i know this as i frequently check the dipstick and the amount is fine but on startup its reading half the amount.....anyone know how to sort this....

i thought it may be a sensor?

any ideas

cheers neil

27-04-2006, 19:44
bump...someone please help

27-04-2006, 22:16
happened to me but the other way round mate...... £750 later new engine

IMO you just cant trust them, dipstick only im afraid.


28-04-2006, 00:21
The sensor is about £50 squid from reno, its a bitch to get at but it does both oil level/temp gauges...

Par that it could just be a faulty dial or some duff wiring! :-s

28-04-2006, 17:37
ah...the 2 above things don't sound to good....i will mention it when it goes in for a service i think