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06-04-2005, 19:02
rob i tried msnn u but its ****ed. this is the one i was talking about earlier..


comments please!

big hp
06-04-2005, 19:17
IIRC this was paul's (infinicars) old williams which he sold to fund his business. Old school CS's will remember.

I've just been looking at it on ebay myself. hmmmmm

06-04-2005, 20:27
Yeah i think it was

06-04-2005, 21:29
worth a look? whats the clip thing on the wheel?

06-04-2005, 21:38
Some gimp wheel balancer has put the weights on the outside. Remove and get wheels rebalanced.

06-04-2005, 22:30
Sh*t number plate, that would put me off for a start...

big hp
06-04-2005, 22:34
Doesn't come with the car. Comes with plate L110 ??? advert says :wink:

08-04-2005, 12:13
HI All

It is a nice car ... as i get to look and drive it every day :D

If you have any questions let me know ... either Pm or send me a mail to williams_uk279@hotmail.com

Nice car which needs a good home

08-04-2005, 12:20
hello mate its me thats supposed to be coming to see it tomoz... apparently it used to have a scrape on the rear quater do u know anything about this????

08-04-2005, 14:10
what sort of scrape ? ?
i know there is a few stratches and stone chips but i would not class them as a scrape ...

08-04-2005, 14:20
drive along a wall scrape! see post FAO Skipp123 in the for sale section dont get me wrong i am still up for seeing this just a question, wanted to know if u knew anything about it!

08-04-2005, 14:34
I replyed to the other post .. best is to come along and look .

Let me know a time and i will have her ready for inspection .

14-04-2005, 23:03
Hey ! Its me thats bought it. Although i've not picked it up yet. This will be my second williams as I had a 3 about a year and half ago.
Can't wait :D

16-04-2005, 20:02
congrats mate and welcome to the site!

16-04-2005, 22:42
matthew, where in rochdale are you mate?.. im from there too

16-04-2005, 22:54
I'm just off Queensway. About a minute from the motorway.
I saw a williams a few week ago in the carpark of the fairview near oldham road. Was'nt you was it as never seen any others around. Remember that the wheels were not standard.

16-04-2005, 22:58
Thanks Fatboy. Forgot to mention you in my other post. :oops:

16-04-2005, 22:58
theres a fake williams in rochdale.. a 16v with 16-17inch gold wheels on..

look forward to seeing you sometime.... thats my beat :-D