View Full Version : my forthcoming plans for the willy

19-04-2006, 22:49
i got hold of a new set of kent cams of ebay recently and am getting some piper verniers to use with them. these will be fitted at the same time as a big service, new cambelt, aux belt etc. hopefully i will notice a bit of performance gain with these fitted. then im sending my wheels off to spit and polish for a refurb and then im also going to get a supersprint manifold fitted. finally will take a trip to chipwizards and get it properly set up. then i will be a happy man. oh this means i will have for sale a mint condition hill power i/k with cold air feed, a hillpower chip and i also have a mint condition full standard genuine renault exhaust system if anyone is interested. will ebay the lot if i dont sell on here first.

19-04-2006, 22:52
That lot should deffo put a grin on your face 8)

19-04-2006, 23:47
have you had head work done to this yet

20-04-2006, 08:32
no headwork. filter, de cat, magnex, hillpower chip. not worth the money for headwork imo for the gains.