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19-04-2006, 10:28
Did possibly the sillyest car related thing since i've been driving yesterday.

I was checking the car out (tyre pressures, wheel bearings etc) and topped the oil up. I then had a call from my brother because I'd forgot to pick him up from college so I chucked the bonnet down and went to fetch him.

3 miles later I thought "the car infront is smoking a bit I can't see **** all" when I noticed the smoke coming into the cabin. I pulled over, popped the bonnet and guess what I saw when opened it.

Silly twat here had forgot to put the oil cap back on so my engine bay now has a lovely coating of 10w40 :o At least it hadn't fell out it was still on top of the rocker cover.


Clio b
19-04-2006, 10:36
o dear... u silly git! :D

19-04-2006, 10:41

19-04-2006, 11:00
whoops :lol:

19-04-2006, 12:05
I've done the same with a dipstick. I thought my car was on fire :oops:

19-04-2006, 12:13
theres only 1 name for you clown16v :D bet you wont do it again tho

19-04-2006, 18:15
lol, i opened the oil cap while engine was running, splattered me and my white shirt in oil :oops: :roll:

19-04-2006, 20:58
At least you didn't put a sock in there....lol

19-04-2006, 20:59
or leave it half on, then let me drive it and then make it look like my fault it flies off at 90! no names mentioned gibbo! :lol:

big hp
19-04-2006, 21:06
Bit of a shit your pants moment when you realise what you've done as your driving down the road trying to pull over.

19-04-2006, 21:13
never done it........yet! well not in my car! :roll:

19-04-2006, 21:22
At least you didn't put a sock in there....lol

that was a classic thread :lol:

19-04-2006, 21:27
Yeh I was in the middle of a busy shopping street aswell so I was shitting myself thinking the car was on fire.

Martin have you got a link to the sock thread I need to re-read it it was a classic.