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06-04-2005, 12:28
could anyone get hold of a price for a full hose set at all?
wanting to put all new on before i put the engine in and getting my prices sorted out so i know roughly how much more money i need, i need the following items and then i can start the ball rolling properly i have everything else i need ( i think lol) so anywhere to source these cheap apart for gsf and eurocarparts would be a help :)
these are the prices i have of new bits (plus V.A.T.) obviously if i can get 2nd hand and it will be fine i will do to save the old pennies
accelerator cable 15
air feed pipe ?
anti freeze 12
Cambelt kit 17.5
clutch cable 15
cv joints ball joints 19.80 + 14.00
fuel pump 98
gearbox oil 3
hoses ?
engine oil 30
radiator + fan motor 86+62.
air filter 5.25
dizzy cap and arm 25
spark plugs 10

06-04-2005, 12:37
Check on ebay for the plugs. I got mine for under £5 for a set, and that's brand new Bosch ones.

Cambelt kit for only £17? A full one shoulf include pullies at about £95 Inc VAT.

Regarding the rad fan. You need to get new blades as well as the motor. Apparently if you try using the old blades the centre gets rusted on to the motor spindle and breaks if you try to undo them.

06-04-2005, 12:40
oh sorry my bad thats just the price for the cambelt :oops: