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18-04-2006, 13:34
ive finally put my spare ECU on the car last night to see how it feels compared to my chipped one

not took it for a drive yet but i will be soon and then we will know if this 'reset = bhp' thing is down to the chips or something else

im kinda hoping it is the chip to be honest because if it is that i can take it to Hill Power and get Nick to look into it, if its not that, then what the hell is it, as mine turns into a 1.4 with better top end when it goes slow, doesnt feel like a 1.8 16v at all

i should know within the first mile really, as the response is so different its unreal, when its been reset the car absolutely flies like the wind, when it goes slow, its slow !

18-04-2006, 15:11
for some reason the car is now idling at 1350rpm ?

its not turned into the rocket that it does with a reset, just feels 'normal' really


started it up again and been for another drive, its idling normal now

ive put on another ISCV that i had aswell as id cleaned it up, just to make sure thats working perfectly

personally, i dont think it is the chip, i think its something else, for those who dont know about this problem a few of us experience, basically if you take the battery off the car for a few hours to do a job, when you put everything back together and go for a drive, the car is a lot faster, not just a little bit like you get with changes in ambient temps, but a lot faster, when its on form it flies through the gears and throttle response is instant even low down in the rev range like 2/3k then the car just goes like i imagine a williams would with the better low down torque.............however, after a week or so the car gets slower and under 4k it really bogs down compared to how it is post reset

i really dont have a clue what could be causing this, maybe my ECU that is chipped has some kind of fault, and maybe this spare one does too, they are in a really stupid place so maybe a lot of the ECUs have some kind of fault ?

god knows !?

18-04-2006, 17:05
I've never actually took any notice but mine does this aswell I think. I'll disconnect the battery tonight and see what happens.


2 live
18-04-2006, 17:30
tis a weird one for sure..

jesus' was never like this on his standard ecu, or my remapped ecu, nor was it like it when we swapped em back over to his original......only after fitting the kill power chipped ecu did his develop the fault.

next time he comes over il swap it over to std ecu again.see if it still does it....if it doesnt it can only be the ecu.....which has been messed with by someone....which has now developed a fault....

18-04-2006, 18:51
well after a proper run this spare ECU is faulty anyway, so i need another one to try

its causin the car to idle high, after coming off the motorway before it was idling at over 2k rpm, turned the ignition off and back on again and it idled normal, everything was fine before i put this in and its never done it before so it can only be the ECU

ive text Winston askin if i can swap it for another as i bought it from LTR

19-04-2006, 01:04
done a fair bit more drivin tonight, and although this ECU does need to come off cos of the idle problem, im not sure if i prefer the standard map

J o n
19-04-2006, 12:23
i'm deffo going to go back to my std map, the reset isn't working as well now and it needs to be off overnight, not a few hours... :?

19-04-2006, 18:22
yea i tried my chipped one the other week mate for an hour and it didnt do anything, i think it needs 2 hours or more

ive also been told that i might have a faulty pinking/knock sensor, which may be telling the ECU the car is pinking and retarding the ignition, even when it isnt actually pinking, so im gonna get a new one of those but i presume the manifold has to come off to fit it

big hp
19-04-2006, 18:52
If it idles high then stops when you turn it off and back on again that could be the road speed sensor which is bound in speedo cable. Thats what mine was.

Only tends to do it after a bit of spirited driving, never normally round town at low revs though.

19-04-2006, 19:21
its only happened since ive tried this spare ECU though, it was always perfect before

19-04-2006, 19:38
How long have you been using the spare ECU for? They take a while to adjust from their factory settings once you've unplugged them and then put them back on.

As for your idle. I've found that while the ECU's 'learning' it'll get the idle speed wrong and adjust it in increments until it reaches 900rpm. It eventually gets it right after a day or two.

Just let it idle and see if it comes down to the right rpm after like ten seconds.

19-04-2006, 19:51
yea i know what you mean mate about it taking a few days to get it right, this isnt that kind of thing, it stays at that level forever until you turn the ignition off

20-04-2006, 17:48
put my chipped ECU in last night, the car is no quicker than normal even though the ECU has been off the car for over 24 hours

something else is causing this i think, it cant be the ECU