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12-04-2006, 19:11
right its something that has bugged me for ages now and i want answers!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

right easter as we know it is a religious time, yes??? its something to do with the resurrection???/crucifiction of jesus????? right we all know that jesus was born on xmas day(what a bummer for pressies) and that is always the 25th of december. but why does easter always change dates every year? ive known it to be easter as early as middle march and as late as the last week in april? can anyone shed any light on it???

big hp
12-04-2006, 19:39
Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox.

Resulting in that Easter can never occur before March 22 or later than April 25.

12-04-2006, 19:45
didnt know you was religious scott???? lol

ah well im gonna enjoy and get laggo all weekend! starting tomorrow!!! :P

12-04-2006, 19:57
easters a grey area, it aint strictly christian, its kinda pagan i believe hence all the falling on the 344th day on the eighth moon of the badger equinox! :)